Shin Splints – What to Do About Them


One of the most common injuries associated with figure or endurance training is shin splints. The pain will stop your cardio program in its tracks. Even one simple step; produces a feeling of broken glass rubbing in your shins. Shin splints are simple to diagnose and even more simple to treat.

The most common cause of shin splints is a weakening and a drop in your foots' arch. Once the foot arch drops, the shin muscle, called the Tibalis Anterior and its' tendon will stretch and tear. This results in the loss of normal blood supply and the tendon … Read the rest

Celebrity Trend – Baby Blue Colored Contacts


Celebrities like Paris Hilton create their own brand by identifying themselves with a certain look – in her case, baby blue colored contacts. If you did not know better, you'd think that Paris had naturally blue eyes instead of brown.

So, thinking of creating a "brand" of your own? Most of us do not want to go that far, but maybe having a little fun with eye color is not such a bad idea. Baby blue colored contacts are a popular choice for you to try. The brand you choose depends on contact lens prescription from an eye doctor. … Read the rest

Author Spotlight: David Conlin McLeod


David Conlin McLeod will soon release his fourth book, the prequel to the Dragon's Tear Chronicle that began with Dancing With The Moon. David has also published Two Past Twilight and The Audition. 'm A reviewer the I and fan of David's books A , Two Past Twilight, Http:// ,
With The Moon Dancing, Http:// , and The Audition.

I was curious as to what makes this soulful horror writer, who focuses on vampires as people (much like Anne Rice and Brandon Massey as well as Laurell K. Hamilton), tick, and he kindly sent me his own dream interview: … Read the rest

Negotiate! What Are You Afraid Of?


In my university negotiations class I was voted the most effective and the best prepared out of around 150 students during spring quarter. (I am not saying this to toot my own horn just to give a little credibility) The information and experience that I gleaned from the class was awesome. I had never been a negotiating type of person. I just shopped around until I found the right price then I bought. Persuasion and communication have always fascinated me, the art, the style, the technique, the power, when used for good of course. Every class period we were … Read the rest

Cap Those Delts


The shoulders, also known as the Deltoids or "delts", add shape and width to the upper body. The shoulder is divided into three parts, anterior, acrominal (lateral), and posterior. The shoulders are an important factor in training, as well as bodybuilding presentation, because they present the total package. Properly developed shoulders bring out the "V" shape, giving a smaller appearance to your waist and it provides beautiful symmetry. Strong shoulders are important for training since they are involved in most of your upper body movements.

Each of the shoulders' three sections contains fibers that run in different directions. Shifting … Read the rest

Consider Visa for Your Australian Car Rental – American Express Does Not Cover Australia


In planning for my three week Australian vacation, I was stunned to find out that Australia is one of five countries excluded for rental car insurance coverage benefits on my American Express card. Needless to say, it would have been a very rude awakening to have found that out after I had already rented a car in Australia.

Visa, however, does include Australia in its insurance coverage. According to the Visa site, it appears that any personal Visa card provides this benefit.

A few things to remember for American residents who are considering renting a car when visiting Australia: … Read the rest

True Love Waits


What is "true love"?

Have you ever thought that you were in love? I know I did when I was dating; early on in my teen years. But was it really love? I am not going to say for sure, but I do know that the Bible describes love best. It does so in 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 which say,

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does … Read the rest

Creativity Myths


Sustained myths about Creativity and Innovation lead to confusion, bad practice and bad decision making. Some of them include:

1. Creativity requires Creative Types

While some theorists assert that there are creativity traits such as tolerance for ambiguity and intolerance to conformity, these assertions are countered by the fact that traits are hard to identify and are not stable nor transferable across situations. Further, motivation is a critical factor. Additionally, creativity is a cognitive process and thus measurements like "she looks creative" are poor benchmarks. All the research shows that everyone can produce novel, useful, varied, diverse ideas and … Read the rest

Do not Censor the Music and Artistic Expression


Ann Powers said:

"Do not censor the music and artistic expression."

Eminem's music, in particular the songs "Kim" and "Stan," is a continuation of a tradition in music and American art in general: the Gothic murder ballad, which has been with us ever since the blues or Appalachian folk music. "Stan" is just like an Edgar Allan Poe tale, if you think about it. Johnny Cash shot a man just to watch him die. This is something that's had a very solid, longstanding role in culture.

Self-styled moralists are getting up in arms about something that has always been … Read the rest

Using Trekking Poles – Mt Kenya


Using trekking poles while hiking and / or trekking can be an extremely useful and effective item to use during your trip to mt kenya or kilimanjaro. A trekking pole is basically an advance form of a hiking stick. They are made from aluminium, so they are lightweight and collapsible, which makes for easy storage. A trekking pole is available for purchase at most outdoor activity shops, and are well worth every penny as the trekking pole can benefit you in several ways during your trekking, especially when you know how to use them properly.

Although some people may … Read the rest