Barriers to Personal Growth and Development


Personal growth and development are the building blocks for improving your life – irrespective
of which aspects of your life you are intent on improving. Most of us have a deep seated desire
to improve (who does not make New Year's resolutions?), yet far too many of us fail to reach
our goals.

There can be numerous reasons for this, although those that have achieved their goals might
view these as excuses rather than valid reasons.Whatever your viewpoint, I think you'll
agree that it is both frustrating and demoralising when you realise that having
set some goals and been … Read the rest

Beating Adwords Review


Everyone wants financial freedom, and everyone wants to earn a lot of money online. Kyle and Carson, the wealthy affiliates, have created a guide that can help you achieve such success. This guide is called Beating Adwords. Is this guide filled with fluff and filler, or will it actually help? Find out.

Beating AdWords is an ebook that teaches you about Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing seems like a challenging and hard thing to master, but if you do master it, the rewards are great yielding over $ 5000 / day profits. You may think it sounds crazy, earning more … Read the rest

A Cell-Phone Message: Can You Hear Me Now?


I can remember a time when I had to pull off the road and dash up to a Circle K or 7/11 to make a phone call. Or when every phone had a cord. Or when I had to hear a dial tone before making a call. Or the expression, "Dial a phone," meant something. Cell phones have changed everything. They are a wonderful invention allowing new levels of freedom to communicate unheard of, just a few years ago. But, like everything else, it's a two-edged sword.

No longer is privacy the rule. I get to hear about everyone … Read the rest

The Benefits of Painted Wall Murals


Wall murals are a creative and fun way to liven cold, bare walls. And the best part: anyone can do them – you do not have to be an artist. You can design your own wall mural using your imagination, artwork, greeting cards, or picture books. You can purchase a wall mural stencil kit to help you, or you can find a local artist to design and paint the perfect wall mural.

Painting a wall mural is not difficult, but it does take some work. Before you begin, tape off your woodwork and cover your furniture and carpet to … Read the rest

The Value of an Email Address


What is the value of an email address? What you pay to have one email address from someone in your target market?

The fact is businesses pay for email lists each day and most of the lists just are not that valuable. Really maximize your To email campaigns . Follow these few steps from Paul Chaney .

  1. Make the integrity of your list your number one goal: Double opt-in techniques will help make your list more valuable to you.
  2. The Subject Line is Key: Spam and overcrowded inboxes are the problem. You have about two seconds to appeal to
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