How To Choose A Topic For Your Members Only, Membership Website


There are several things you must do to set up your membership website. However, none is more important than selecting your topic. Post why? Selecting the right topic will determine your success or failure. Choose an interesting topic, and your membership website is almost guaranteed success. Choose the wrong topic, however, and your site will fail miserably.

Need help choosing a topic for your membership website? Read on.

Membership Websites: Choose A Topic Centered Around YOUR Expertise
Everyone's an expert these days. Where there used to be a lawyer on every block, there's now an expert, sometimes two or … Read the rest

West Nile Virus – The Simple Facts And The Cures


What is West Nile Virus: It is a virus of the family 'Flaviviridae', found in numerous regions. Photographs from a high resolution electron microscope reveal the virus as spherical with a slightly bumpy surface but no projecting protein limbs. It has a resemblance in appearance to the 'dengue fever' virus.

What causes West Nile Virus: It mainly infects birds, but is also the cause of a number of conditions in humans and horses, and some other mammals. West Nile virus is a virus mainly transmitted to people through the bite of an infected mosquito.

Symptoms Of West Nile Virus: … Read the rest

Lucrative Article Marketing – How to Get Top 10 Ranking in Google With Article Marketing


Article marketing is one of the best ways to promote your site, product, and services to gain more profit. In addition, it is one of the proven techniques that helps your web site become highly recognizable by search engines. Want better ranking in Google? It's easy! You can even be on Top 10! Here's how:

1. Pay attention to the content of your articles. Nobody wants to read trash, its a waste of time. Produce articles that are well crafted, useful, timely, and well written.

2. Sprinkle keywords throughout your articles. Use appropriate keywords that are recognized by search … Read the rest

How to Write a Business Plan for Online Marketing and Promotion


Online marketing and promotion can be a great success if proper
planning is done in advance to ensure the effectiveness of your
online marketing and promotion activities. Without planning,
online marketing and promotion can be an enormous waste of both
time and money. Business plans and marketing plans are crucial
for the effective operation and ultimate prosperity of any

There are four main sections to a business plan. First is a
thorough description of the business. Next is the marketing
section which actually lines out your plan for online marketing
and promotion. The third section is the financial … Read the rest

How To Copy and Paste – For The Absolute Beginner!


One of the most requested tutorials from our business of training and tutoring Seniors on their own computers is 'how do I copy and paste?'. To older computer users, this seems to be such a daunting task, yet nothing could be easier, once you learn how!

Here's our tutorial that we hand out to our clients:

1. Take your mouse, and place your pointer at the beginning or end of the text, the pointer will change from an arrow to an "I" bar, when it does then click and hold the left mouse button, while pulling your mouse over … Read the rest

Repeating Myself Myself


Not a million years ago, I was planning how to solve the problems of the human race by removing safety warnings.

However, some of the more squeamish among you may have found that a little extreme. Fear not. I have another idea.

As I've said, the problem with the world is that there are too many people in it, and that there are certainly too many stupid people out there.

So, I'm proposing a buddy system. There are 6 billion people on earth, and lucky for us that's an even number, 'cause otherwise one guy would always be left … Read the rest

Forgotten Fundamentals and Why Your Grip is Key to a Repeating Golf Swing – Part 2


One of the most important keys to a repeating golf swing that hits one long, straight shot after another is to have the ability to relax your hands, arms, and shoulders and swing the club back and through impact without tension. With a good grip, this relaxed motion will return the club squarely to the golf ball time after time …. BUT if your grip is bad, it makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to deliver the club squarely to the golf ball without consciously or unconsciously some making some sort of in-swing correction.

If you've purchased my … Read the rest

The Credit Card Surprise That You Need to Look Out For


Companies that issue credit cards want to make a profit. No one disagrees with that. The problem is that, we as consumers have, is when they have hide or disguise what it really cost for you to use a card.

Here are some ways that you could be paying more, not even knowing it for your credit cards.

Those Teaser Rates

As these rates are low at the beginning but rise after six months or a year. This is a popular way for credit card issuers to attract new cardholders. I do not know if you're aware of this … Read the rest

An Introduction To Free Online Games


The world of online games is vast world, with games to suit nearly every taste. Everyone from a scholar to a wannabe fighter pilot can find a game that suits their tastes. In this article, I'll give super short reviews of a few free online games.


Jezzball is available on several websites in Java. In Jezzball, you have a square box with balls bouncing around in it. You must corner the balls without them hitting and breaking your partially formed walls. It is a very simple game, but it can be addicting.

Bomber Bob

This is a very … Read the rest